Eurotech’s Everyware Cloud release 5.1 expands the IoT platform’s integration and device management capabilities


The IoT Integration Platform has been updated to support on-premise deployment, simplify remote management of IoT gateways and devices and integration with enterprise applications

AMARO (Italy), July 5, 2018 – Eurotech, a long-time leading provider of industrial embedded hardware such as gateways, servers, control systems and boards, as well as high-performance computing systems and software solutions, one of the pioneers and leader in Internet of Things (IoT) enablement, announces the availability of the 5.1 version of Everyware Cloud (EC), its IoT Integration Platform.

Everyware Cloud, one of the building blocks of Everyware IoT, Eurotech’s open, integrated and managed IoT end-to-end solution, provides all the services required for the management of IoT gateways and devices in the field, including configuration management, application life-cycle management and remote access. It also connects the data collected by field-deployed devices to enterprise applications and analytics leveraging reliable and open protocols.

The new release 5.1 of EC is based on Eclipse Kapua, the open IoT cloud platform for device and data management, of which Eurotech is the original contributor. The new release supports on-premise deployment on the customer’s own data center or preferred private cloud, and expands the platform’s integration capabilities with Eurotech’s ecosystem partners, taking full advantage of Red Hat® OpenShift container platform and Elasticsearch® search and analytics engine.

Together with EC 5.1, another fundamental building block of Everyware IoT has been released, the new 5.2 version of Everyware Software Framework (ESF), the IoT Edge Framework for IoT app development. New features for the release include support for the ReliaIO 10-12 and ReliaLORA 10-12 expansion modules and an update of Wires, the innovative dataflow programming function that simplifies IoT application development on IoT Edge Gateways.

“The new release of EC improves the platform’s remote device management capabilities, helping our customers to develop and deploy their IoT projects faster and more efficiently” said Giuseppe Surace, Eurotech Chief Product Officer, “Our IoT Edge Gateways paired with ESF and EC platforms provide a complete end-to-end IoT infrastructure to enable IT/OT integration, reduce costs and increase efficiency, in close alignment with the most important needs of our customers”.

More information available on the EC and ESF documentation websites.