Eurotech joins the O-RAN Alliance to accelerate the development and deployment of scalable 5G network applications at the edge


Eurotech’s rugged, GPU-based edge nodes will help vendors to speed up innovation providing COTS high-performance computing platforms to enable an open and standard-based RAN ecosystem

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Amaro (Italy), April 27th, 2021 – Eurotech, a long-time leading provider of rugged embedded and edge computers and IoT components enabling end-to-end applications, announced to have joined the O-RAN Alliance to enable a faster design, development and deployment of 5G network applications at the edge, leveraging its High Performance Edge Computing (HPEC) systems.

Eurotech’s HPEC – like the recently announced BoltCOR 32-18 and DynaCOR 40-36 – provide COTS platforms powered by server-class CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs to sustain heavy processing workloads like machine and deep learning in the field. They also feature virtualization and containerization capabilities to run virtualized cloud and data center environments at the edge (edge and regional cloud infrastructures). By enabling the processing of large amounts of data closer to their source, these systems help to develop ultra-reliable and low latency communication systems needed to run 5G network-based applications.

“Eurotech is excited to join the O-RAN Alliance and its ecosystem of partners to provide an easier and fastest access to modular and flexible components to develop innovative applications with the highest levels of scalability and reliability” commented Giuseppe Surace, Eurotech’s Chief Product and Marketing Officer. “Eurotech’s HPECs are extremely rugged and ensure sustained processing of heavy workloads in the harshest environments, reducing latency and improving QoS”.

The company’s commitment towards open standard-based solutions is well suited to O-RAN Alliance’s mission to improve the efficiency of RAN deployments through disaggregated, standard-based networks managed by different players. This provides customers, network operators and vendors with an interoperable and flexible infrastructure to foster innovation and accelerate the development and deployment of edge and cloud-native applications on 5G networks.

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