Eurotech deepens its commitment to the promotion of gender equality


In collaboration with Voce Donna Onlus, Euroetch convened a meeting to explore how the workplace can be an ideal environment in which to fight stereotypes and develop a culture of respect

Amaro (Italy), November 9th, 2020 – Eurotech S.p.A. recently hosted a seminar to raise awareness around gender violence for its employees and associates at its headquarters in Amaro. Organized in partnership with Voce Donna Onlus , a regional non-profit organization in Pordenone and Tolmezzo, the seminar focused on the role of the office not only as a safe space, but also as a place to educate and prevent all forms of violence.

The workplace is an ideal environment for promoting a culture of respect between men and women in which there is no room for discrimination, stereotype, prejudice, or violent behavior. With this in mind, Eurotech partnered with Voce Donna Onlus to organize a presentation that expanded employees’ awareness and understanding of gender violence, which is on the rise at an alarming rate in Italy.

This initiative represents one step in an ongoing process that Eurotech has been committed to for several years. Raising awareness of gender violence aligns with the United Nations’ Goal 5 Gender Equality program and the Global Compact program, which Eurotech is a founding member of in Italy. Eurotech is committed to the protection and promotion of human rights and to reducing inequalities to create a fair and inclusive corporate culture.

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