Eurotech announces DynaCOR 40-36, a rugged, HPEC system for transportation, 5G and AI at the edge


Completely fanless and with no moving parts, the DynaCOR 40-36 is an automotive certified High Performance Edge Computer that delivers up to 237 TFLOPS of Deep Learning Precision

Dynacor 40-36

Amaro (Italy), April 22nd, 2021 – Eurotech, a NVIDIA Preferred OEM Partner, long-time leading provider of embedded computing systems and leader in Internet of Things (IoT) enablement, announces its newest liquid cooled HPEC system for 5G services, inference, training and general purpose GPU accelerated workloads on vehicles and at the edge.

The DynaCOR 40-36 is a very compact and rugged unit that features one 16 core Intel® Xeon® D-2183IT with 64GB ECC DDR4 RAM and up to two NVIDIA GV100 GPUs (two NVIDIA V100s factory option) each providing 32GB HBM2 RAM.

With up to 10240 CUDA cores and 1280 Tensor cores, the DynaCOR 40-36 offers unprecedented performance for a fanless system: up to 237 TFLOPS for Deep Learning precision, up to 29.6 TFLOPS for single precision and up to 14.8 TFLOPS for double precision.

The DynaCOR 40-36 offers very high performance networking, with a dual 100GbE, quad 10GbE and two GbE ports that provide a high bandwidth, low latency feed for advanced sensors and to allow implementing clustered architectures.

Storage capabilities include up to four high speed NVME units, that can provide up to 32TB of aggregated capacity and support RAID configurations; one additional 512GB NVME is used to host the OS.

Connecting the DynaCOR 40-36 to cameras, the vehicle, other peripherals and edge devices is made simple thanks to a high performance frame grabber, CAN, USB3 and Serial interfaces.

“The DynaCOR 40-36 sets a new record for AI performance in truly rugged applications” said Pierfrancesco Zuccato, Senior Product Manager at Eurotech. “It is a great platform for the most computation intense inference models and supports double precision for advanced requirements and training on the field”.

With an automotive grade power supply (24VDC; 12 and 48VDC factory option), and certifications for automotive and heavy-duty use cases (ISO 16750-2, EN60068-2-27) the DynaCOR 40-36 is suitable for operation under the most demanding conditions, including extreme operating temperature. Thanks to liquid cooling, the system is largely decoupled from environmental temperature and can be installed in recesses with little or no ventilation.

The DynaCOR 40-36 is a liquid cooled unit that is compatible with the other Eurotech HPEC systems, including the DynaCOR 40-35 (high performance data logger), DynaNET 100G-01 (100GbE spine switch) and the DynaNET 10G-01 (10GbE leaf switch).

Availability: Q4’21

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