CAME selects Eurotech technology for the remote management of its intelligent devices


Eurotech’s Everyware Cloud platform will allow the remote management and configuration of CAME’s field devices

Amaro (Italy), November 16th 2020 – Eurotech, a leading supplier and developer of edge computing and Internet of Things (IoT) components, announced that its IoT Integration Platform Everyware Cloud has been chosen by CAME SpA for the remote management of its intelligent devices.

Everyware Cloud is part of the Everyware IoT architecture and allows the remote management of field-deployed IoT devices and data integration with IT applications. The intelligent devices developed by CAME interface with Everyware Cloud and securely transfer data taking advantage of solid cybersecurity features. Eurotech Professional Services allowed the customer to easily integrate its infrastructure with Everyware IoT, by internally developing the application and the software component to connect to IoT cloud services.

“The integration between our connectivity platforms and Eurotech’s IoT technologies allow us to offer even more sustainable and innovative solutions” commented Antonio Milici, CAME Chief R&D Officer. “By integrating data with our applications, we enable state-of-the-art services for our customers in an increasingly evolving and challenging industry that demands more and more security and scalability”.

Thanks to Everyware Cloud remote management services, CAME is able to manage the communication from and towards the cloud using the MQTT protocol. These functionalities reduce deployment time and simplify the integration of telemetry data with applications, also thanks to standard REST APIs.

“We are very pleased that CAME chose Eurotech for the remote management of its devices” stated Giuseppe Surace, Eurotech Chief Product & Marketing Officer. “Everyware IoT provides out-of-the-box services to lower development costs, reducing operational complexities like device configuration and management and providing data to simplify business decisions and processes”.

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