Advanet and NEC announce the joint development of two new ExpEther™ Boards


Okayama (Japan), April 2nd, 2021 – Advanet Inc. (A member of the Eurotech Group) is pleased to announce today that it has jointly developed with NEC corporation two new ExpEther™ products: an HBA PCI Express® add-in card and a Slave CompactPCI® board.

Advanet’s ExpEther™ products aim to enable the fast speed connection provided by the use of the Ethernet cable in conjunction with technologies which natively don’t support it for data transfer, such as PCI Express® and CompactPCI® boards.

By implementing our new ExpEther™ boards, it is possible to add additional computers and resources (up to 1km distance) to a standard Ethernet fabric without the inconvenience of stacking additional computer chassis, providing an impressive scale-up flexibility.

In addition, we also provide a secure device management thanks to our IoT solution “Everyware IoT”, an integrated platform for the Internet of Things which provides IoT gateways for any industry vertical, an open edge framework and a modular cloud infrastructure to connect field devices to business analytics and enterprise applications.

This solution is just one of the many in Advanet’s ecosystem, and part of our continued effort to facilitate the Digital Transformation transition for our customers.


Tadashige Kadoi, General Manager of Digital Platform Division at NEC Corporation, commented on the announcement as follows:

“NEC sincerely welcomes the announcement of Advanet’s two new board products equipped with the ExpEther™ IP core. With these products, large mission-critical manufacturing equipment and inspection systems can now have built-in high-performance image recognition boards and advanced AI processors by taking advantage of ExpEther’s high-reliability, low-latency wideband PCI Express® compatible bus. It gives all global equipment vendors a great opportunity to develop highly productive manufacturing equipment for next-generation automation. We are confident that by utilizing ExpEther™ IP core, we will be able to help accelerate the digital transformation of our customers and contribute to the creation of new value.”

“We are thrilled at cooperating with NEC on these new products and cutting-edge technology, with the common aim of accelerating the development of solutions that promote the Digital Transformation and innovation in Japan”, comments Ludovico Ciferri, President of Advanet, that added, “Being able to provide new ways to flexibly scale and easily upgrade existing infrastructures without performing radical and expensive changes, is crucial to facilitate the transition to the future, both for our companies and the society”.